Log Styles

One of the unique things about our company is the fact that we are not limited to one log building style.  We have built with may different styles and even combined different styles on one home.  We are not afraid to try something new and welcome the challenges of keeping the possibilities open.  Below are the styles we built with and descriptions of the different techniques.

Broadaxe Hewn Log Construction

This style of log work involves broadaxe hewing the logs on two faces-the inside and outside. The logs are left with their natural taper on the top and bottom. Usually, a gap is left between the logs of approximately 1/2″ to 3″. The chink gap is later filled with a foam backer rod and chinking material. Because the logs retain their natural taper, the butts and tips are alternated at the corners to keep the building going up level. The corners are locked together with half or full compound dovetail corners. This style of log work is very pleasing to the eye, as the natural curves and variations remain in the log.

Broadaxe hewing can also be done on a round log home. A broadaxe can be used to hew the interior of the logs, while the exterior is left round.

Broadaxe hewing is not limited to chink style building. We have also incorporated broadaxe hewing with full scribe log work. In this home an oxhead notch was used instead of the traditional dovetail corner.


Round Log Chink    

This style uses round logs with a round notch or a half or full compound dovetail corner. Again a chink gap is left between the logs to be finished with chinking.


 Full Scribe or Chinkless

This style is also known as Swedish cope. With the Scandinavian full scribe building method, either round or broadaxe hewn logs can be used. With the round log, a shrink to fit saddle notch or a recurve round notch is employed. The lateral groove (cope) is scribed 1/8″ to 3/4″ more than the notch. As the logs shrink and settle, the lateral groove seats with the log and the lateral remains tight. The lateral groove is filled with timbertite foam insulation. The same method can be used with the dovetail or oxhead notch. The full scribe log home gives you a solid log wall with no chink gaps.

Timber Frame

We specialize in broadaxe hewn and round log scribe fit timber frames. As with our log work, a variety of species and log or timber sizes are available. We have built whole timber frame structures with framed walls and log siding or a partial timber frame combined with stud frame or foam panel construction.

Log Accents

For people who want a frame or panel home with log or timberaccents. Examples of accents are posts, beams, log siding, log or timber stair and log or timber roof systems.